Customer Stories

The community for customer ops professionals in startups.

Customer roles can be seen as stepping stones to other areas within the business and often are seen as firefighting cost centres necessary to keep customers happy. But we believe that's an old and sad way of thinking. The importance of the customer in businesses has grown exponentially over the last few years. The voice of the customer is louder and more important than ever.

We're building a world where Customer focussed roles have a seat around the leadership table and where the Chief Customer Officer is a very real, inspiring and present role. By building a community full of customer specific content, tools, and resources, we are helping Customer managers drive customer centricity and revenue in their respective roles thus putting the customer at the heart of business decisions for the long haul.

Who are we?

We're leaders with 'Customer' in our titles and customers at the heart of our roles. From startups with a single Customer Service Manager, to larger businesses with everyone from a team leader through to a Chief Customer Officer (and everyone in between!).

We're run by Tianna, Mike & Isobel, who have a range of experience managing small, growing, medium and large teams of customer service/experience/ops. Founded in 2017 as Support Stories the first child of COO Stories, and relaunched in 2019 bringing together Support & CX Stories and widening to include other customer-centric professionals.

How to get involved

Fill out this typeform and one of the team will get back to you within a week for an informal phone call to chat further about the community and find out more about you!

We are a community:

  • That is kind to one another
  • That gives and takes (please put in at least as much as you take out)
  • That has no such thing as a silly question

We are not a community:

  • That discriminates against anything (against individuals or their company)
  • To promote your company/products or to excessively push your offering
  • To poach people from (just because amazing German speakers are hard to find, doesn't mean you can take someone else's!)